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Greetings and Shalom, my name is Steven Ericksen. I've designed this web site to be an online messianic ministry. I'm the Shepherd (Pastor) of this online ministry. Please stay and browse around the site, I will be adding content regularly so please return often.

I follow a literal interpretation of scripture unless context clearly requires otherwise. I regard the oral tradition as valuable but not authoritative. So, for instance, years begin in springtime, and months begin with the new moon.

I remember and celebrate Yahweh's weekly Shabbat (Sabbath which is Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) and the other designated Feasts ("Appointed Times") of Yahweh. These are also called the "Feasts of Yahweh" in Leviticus 23. The feasts are:

  1. Shabbat
  2. Pesach(Passover)
  3. Hag HaMatzot (Unleavened Bread)
  4. Yom HaBikurim (First Fruits)
  5. Shavuot (Feast of Weeks [Pentecost])
  6. Yom Terua (Day of Shouting)
  7. Yom HaKippurim (The Day of Atonement)
  8. Sukkot (Feast of Booths)
  9. Shemini Atzeret (The Eighth Day)

Some translations use the term, "Appointed Times," which I feel is a good way to remember that Yahweh made these appointments.

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Miqdash Tefillah is an online ministry.

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